What about your ISO 9001:2015 conformance?

Is your organization operating according to ISO 9001:2015 KM principles?

You can easily check whether the requirements for identifying and harvesting organizational knowledge within ISO 9001:2015 are met:

1. Are you capable to determine the knowledge that you need to operate your processes?

2. Do you have process specifications allowing communities of practice in your company to learn?

3. Are the learning processes coupled to the business operation allowing for change?

It helps

– to scan work instructions with respect to problem handling that cannot be resolved within the existing business processing environment

– to go beyond wording: Most of the knowledge cannot be written down in a straightforward way – observation and operation mentoring can be beneficial with experienced persons transferring undocumented organizational knowledge to others

– rephrase the semantic value of your databases: Are lessons learnt having been experienced with a product or service documented based on ontologies or meta-data representations?

It is never too late to start rethinking your operation in terms of knowledge management.

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