Cognition as a Service?


Cognivie models are expected to enable smarter and more helpful products, addressing private and business appliances – see!


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New forms of democracy?

Searching for new ways of democratic governance:

Building a Citizens’ Partnership in Democratic Governance. The Delhi Bhagidari Process through Large-Group Dynamics, by George Koreth and Kiron Wadhera

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Collective Decision Making?

Software takes advantage of collective intelligence to improce company decision making – see


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Big Data

Big Data Headed For ‘Hellabyte’ Metric:

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Artificial Intelligence Revisited

Making artificial intelligence more human

MIT center, backed by $25m federal grant, learning from infant brain research

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Research and Education

First MOOC including research questions:

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Otto Scharmer

A blogpost that offers 10 insights for change:

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Blueprints for Brain-like Computing

IBM moves forward. Read under

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“Watson learns through a combination of training via machine learning, adapting for features of the language that are new to a particular domain, and ingesting all the information it can find on the domain.”  (IBM Research-Australia director Glenn Wightwick)

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News from Brain Research


Examining neurological similarities: are we all ‘bird brains’?
Similarities between the brains of humans and birds imply a common neurological blueprint for high-level cognition, argue researchers…

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